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Tim looks up Tim points! De Colores!
Mr. Giugni explains the prime rules of the workshop. First, nothing is 'wrong'. There is only discovery. Secondly. Explore form and movement and allow for the movement to flow 'naturally' or try to leave your preconceptions of outcome at the door. Objects were placed on the floor, but soon the group started to scavenge items from around the room.

Napkin Elephant Shoe with sole Put your back's into it lad.Excamation!
An elephant made out of cloth from another workshop group. a spare shoe and even the bag that the workshop materials were transported in got used. Movement was next. It's hard to grasp now how this character and its 'boat' moved together in a cutting see-saw glide.

Arms wideGlob with legs Rolling/tumbling thing K.Ruby is focusedTape and fingers.
Some slid and others tried to walk. Some were 'pseudo wheeled' that drug odd sleds. People were then asked to use a character that was not yours and see if you could get new movement from it.

Getting Fit. A real work out!  Ever see Alien?Wooo.
Scissor character redone. And becoming a workout. It was also the most done and redone character of the workshop. Two views of the plastic bag snake with two different operators.

Unfortunately there were only 3 hours to enjoy the creation and manipulation of these characters. So much more was being learned as time ran out - as when children play extra hard because they know there is only a few minutes left in recess.
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