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...has been a puppeteer and actor since age 10. Some of his best previous rolls include, "I'm Too Sick to go to School Today", "Third Duck on the Right", "Fifth Grade Play", and "Spoon River Anthology". Tim has worked for many companies including the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia, Tears of Joy Theater, DragonMakers and Oregon Puppet Theatre, Hand2Mouth, and Darkroom Productions. Awards include Best Actor, from the 2001 Pierrot Festival of Puppetry for Adults, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and an Emmy for Puppetry and Puppet Construction for "The Land of I". He is the founder and Artistic Director of Il Teatro Calamari and a current board member with Darkroom Productions in Vallejo, California.

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A review from a Portland show that Tim was in a trillion years ago. But he still likes it. A review from an Atlanta show that Tim was in. Yep, it's old too.
A photo of Tim's Emmy. The Latte. Each one (from Stumptown) is unique. Each is created by gifted hands and is on the earth for only a few moments. Like a sand mandala made of foam.
A photo from "The Last Voyage of the Sea Cow". If you want more on this one you can go here. Photos from "Servant of Two Masters" 2009. I directed this. Woo hoo.