Rachel Anthonisen

Eye of the Rachel.
Rachel Anthonisen

Anthonisen designed characters and shadow-puppets, for Tears of Joy Theatre's production of "A Ride on the Red Mare's Back " by Ursula K. Le Guin. The designs were approved by Le Guin who liked the sitter especially. Rachel assisted Bill Holznagel with sculpture and painting, and did most of the shadow construction.
Her path since has included the drammy award winning production "Wild Child" for which she was writer and designer.

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Papa and Baby Baby
Close-up of Baby Bear.
Goat picture
The Three Bears were designed with Russian wooden toys in mind. Mama Bear and Goldilocks were modeled for the book "Blueberries for Sal" and were not available for the photo shoot. The middle Billy Goat Gruff. He is about 2' tall. The Billy Goats project was the first show Anthonisen designed with Il Teatro Calamari.
Leo Shadows
Original character design for Leo #2. Leo #2, after he has been living with trolls for a while in "Red Mare" Shadow puppet of trolls threatening the Red Mare for "Ride on the Red Mare's Back".
Original character design for the Sitter. Ursula K. LeGuin wanted an androgynous look.