About the Show

Waiting for a Train blends New Vaudeville, Clown, Puppetry and Magical Realism to create a stage spectacle where anything can happen and does in highly unusual and delightfully humorous ways. Come with three talented performers as they take us along to visit an exciting world where: Kleenexes find true love, food doesn't wish to be eaten, balloon dogs attack, luggage moves under it's own power and so much more.

This show is recommended for the family audience with workshops available for all age groups.

View the QuickTime video here.

Simple technical information
Duration(s): 45 and 70 minute versions.
Minimum dimensions: 3.5m x 3.5m x 4.5m (10'L x 10'W x 13'H).
Lighting requirements: Adaptable, from 6 instruments to 60.
Silent with some English with ability to change to other languages.

Pricing for this show starts at $1,200 BUT other factors can change the cost up or down. Number of shows and venue size, distance of travel, hotel, and workshops.
Discounts are given to those that help us find additional shows, week long blocks in one location and block bookings; 5 shows or more in multiple locations in a week's time.

Interesting Facts (at least to me)

  • The show has been performed over 200 times and has been to Montana, Oregon, California, Idaho, Bulgaria and Brazil. To see where and when our shows are coming your way visit our online calendar here or join us on Yahoo! Groups Teatro Calamari for a quasi-monthly newsletter.
  • You can view our study guide online here. (use the back arrow on the browser to return to this page or open page in new window.)
  • Waiting for a Train, was written in 1998 by Tim Giugni to be an international touring show. The show is based on the comedy of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and to some extent the modern masters of physical comedy Jackie Chan and Rowan Atkinson (Black Adder and Mr. Bean).
  • The original script contained just 7 pages of stage directions in a form called a scenari ( from Italian Commedia Dell'Arte). A scenari is more like a skeleton that you hang a show on rather than a verbatim contemporary Western theater script. You can view the original lazzi (script) online here.
  • This show, as of November 2002, has used over 315 balloon dogs, 113 heads of lettuce, 22 pounds of licorice, 225 bagels, 12 bananas, 15 cookies, and 2 cabbages.
  • In September of 2001 we won the "Best Actors Award" at the Second International Puppet Theater for Adults, Festival Pierrot , Bulgaria. It was odd to win Best Actors at a puppet festival, but then we did win over a cast of Shakespearian actor/puppeteers.
  • This show was originally produced in 1999 for Puppetry on the Edge. The opening of the show features a run on and off of the stage. Each time a performer grabbing a suitcase. The run at the festival was 30 feet from off stage to the main stage. Devon and Tim sprinted back and forth 4 times. They did this all in 3 minutes and 15 seconds. There were 15 suitcases. This remains our longest run. They did cheat at the end and got two suitcases per lap.

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