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Odyssey - Il Teatro Calamari -
Technical Contact: Tim Giugni (707) 963-8259 or .

Two performers travel with a standard van. The show is mostly silent with music. The performance lasts approximately 70 minutes and this is followed with a meet and greet session for the audience at the edge of the stage. School shows are approximately 40-60 minutes and include a question and answer session.

Load in : Approximately three hours and must including a cue to cue. Longer if lights are not hung prior to arrival.

Load out : 30 minutes. Please return music, and equipment to performers.

Crew : Lighting technician, sound technician for cue to cue and run.

Minimum stage area : 10' LENGTH X 10' WIDTH X 10' HEIGHT.

The stage is a mix of puppet and live actors with masks. The puppet stage is composed of large suitcases and measures 5' 8” (1.7m) across and lit by the specials D, E, F. There are 6 lights that have special positions (other than front of house) and are noted bellow. We will bring a cue sheet with us.
You know the number of lights that you have and what lights will reach the stage and cover the area requested. This light plot can be reduced. Lights are arranged as descriptions.

Kleenex C/SL Front White
Show Pop B Day
Night C/SLWing Light Amber
Day C Day/warm/hopeful.
Puppet Front D, E, F Warm
Puppet Down D, E, F Down Warm
Stage wash A (rest of stage) Day/Amber

If you have the lights and gobos it would be great to have the following.

Cyc wash Cyc RGB
Stage wash A (rest of stage) Night

We require 2 minidisk players OR 2 CD players OR 1 CD player and 1 cassette player. By request we can bring: older model MD player and/or 2 portable MD units.

No microphones are required.

Purchaser/venue accepts responsibility for the security of all equipment at all times while the equipment is in the purchaser's domain.

For the Performers:
One liter bottles of non carbonated water must be available to the performers before each performance. They get really cranky and dehydrated if they don't get these.

Speaking of dehydration; coffee and tea. Please provide a half pound of quality* whole bean coffee, cream, sugar, coffee grinder and coffee maker. There should be an assortment of quality* teas in bags or loose with tea balls and hot water. We request that these refreshments are made available from the beginning of our load-in.

If the performers are doing multiple shows a light vegetarian snack/lunch/dinner should be made available if it will not be possible for them to eat between performances.

Hotel preferences -- Near the venue is always good. Beds must not be broken, sheets must be clean and in good order and shoes should not stick to floor. Home stays are welcomed and encouraged. Performers accommodations should be private, quiet and nonsmoking. They like it if they are not in the same house, although they are more entertaining as a group.

We reserve 10 complimentary tickets for a single day performance(s). For runs lasting a week or more we request 4 complimentary or 8 two-for-one tickets per show.

Thank you for reading me.

* Quality coffee is defined by the performers as, "not sucky". Here are some sucky coffees: anything in a can, store brand (Safeway Select or Millstone, Albertson). Here are coffees that will earn you big points: Pete's or your local roasted coffee. Thank you.

* Quality teas are defined by the performers as: Pete's, Stash or loose tea from a local vendor and 'that tea that we had in Bulgaria that had honey and some berry thing in it but we haven't found in the states". Please, no Lipton Brisk. Thank you.

03/13/97 Simple Tech Rider

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