About the Show

ODYSSEY is designed to be "one vast experiment" that is "always changing as some parts moved on to become full shows", such as "Rapunzel" or moved on to oblivion such as "Flatland". The show won praise at the Fringe at the Puppeteers of America National in 1995 at Bryn Mawr. "Odyssey" continues to use a variety of puppetry, mask and physical comedy; whirled together to form events from everyday life that take on some highly unusual turns. The show is a series of vignettes 7 to 12 minutes in length with an occasional 20 minute segment when requested by a venue.

View the QuickTime promotional video here.

This show is recommended for the family audience with workshops available for all age groups.

View a QuickTime of a workshop here.

Simple technical information
Duration(s): 45 and 70 minute versions.
Minimum dimensions: 3.5m x 3.5m x 4.5m (10'L x 10'W x 13'H).
Lighting requirements: Adaptable, from 6 instruments to 60.
Some English with music.

Pricing for this show starts at $1,200 BUT other factors can change the cost up or down. Number of shows and venue size, distance of travel, hotel, and workshops.
Discounts are given to those that help us find additional shows, week long blocks in one location and block bookings (5+ shows in a week's time).

Interesting Facts (at least to me)

  • The show has been performed since 1994 mostly as a part of larger events. It has been to Pennsylvania, Oregon and California. To see where and when our shows are coming your way visit our online calendar here or join us on Yahoo! Groups Teatro Calamari for a quasi-monthly newsletter.
  • "Odyssey", was written in 1994 by Tim Giugni as "a place where small ideas could turn into big ones". This show has spawned the popular "Rapunzel" and "Waiting for a Train".
  • The segment Laundry Day was inspired by "The Drunken Master" where in Jackie Chan fights off opponents with wet laundry.

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