Audience Raves

"The Schnozzes are bright orange polyfoam puppets with green hair and Ping Pong balls for eyes. And you can't help but fall in love with these puppets and their oversized beaks." Lynn Matthews, Vancouver, Washington- 1994

"You guys are funniest puppets I've seen."
5 Year old. Portland, Oregon- 1996

"I've never felt so deeply for a Kleenex before".
Puppeteers of America National Festival at Bryn Mawr,
Pennsylvania - Fringe 1995

"You bring emotion and grace to mops and brooms; cloth and wood; that is seldom seen."
Puppeteers of America National Festival. Toledo, Ohio 1997

"So that's what my pillow (has) been doing at night"
PuppetLOVE! 2001. San Francisco, California

"You constantly amaze me with the surprises that you come up with. You're a creative tour de France."
PuppetLOVE! 2002. San Francisco, California.
(I think they meant tour de force.)

"Can you come over and do the show at our house next time?"
Sam (the 5 year old's brother). Portland, Oregon- 1996

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