About the Company
Diversity: We are constantly searching for disciplines to adapt to the stage. Styles from science, literature, sculpture and architecture. From the United States and the 'rest of the world'. Founded in 1995 as an international touring company by Emmy award winning puppeteer Tim Giugni, Il Teatro Calamari purses theatrical excellence on the stage with productions that weave puppetry, mask and physical theater into whimsical and innovative theatre experiences for the entire family

Community: To allow people to see behind the scenes. To go beyond simply presenting and leaving a place. To offer workshops, residencies, lecture, demonstrations, and open rehearsals showing that theater is a 'practical' and 'useful' tool for hardworking everyday people and that every one is creative.

Responsibility: We look for ways to change our world on the personal scale. From using recycled products in our office and our workshops to reducing the amount of promotional material you have to keep in a file.

Excellence: We hire seasoned professional artists that have studied and performed a wide variety of theatrical styles.

From our Mission Statement
It is our goal to build a bridge between the adult that you are, and the child that you were and give them a place to meet and to treat every child with dignity and respect.

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