"A Christmas Carol" 2004

About this production

Directed by Tim Giugni this production was interesting from the auditions.

The first night of three nights of auditions served up seven enthusiastic people. Not bad as only 18 were needed. The next night another five. The next night there was no one new.

Emergency auditions were called for. Night one there was a grand total of no one, zero, nada or not a peep.Night two saw a few of the original auditionees but no one new. There was no night three.

Emergency audition set two saw the return of five of the first weeks twelve. I sent every one home.

I was sad that we couldn't do the show. My wife, Emily, told me to "Just Do IT and who cares what happens".

WELL. I scrapped the idea of a big cast and begged and pleaded with people and got the cast up to 13. Four men- ages 15 to 60 (15, 45ish and 2 at 60 something.). Eight women- ages 15 to 27 (3 15-ish, 18, 22, 24 & 27). For those of you that can add, you will notice that's only 12. I had three children that auditioned ages 6, 8 and 10. I promoted the 10 year old to a host of parts including Christmas Past. Therefore the actual cast was 13 and 2 or what we like to call in lay-person's terms 15.

At first I kept waiting for a Scrooge to show up and during that time I had Katherine stand in as a human place marker. Little did I know that she would end up being Scrooge.

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A shot of the set. Scrooge is asleep to the right. Marley is entering left.
Marley's entrance.
Marley explains what will happen to Scrooge in the next few nights.
Marley (Walter) after being on stage.
Ghost of Christmas Past (Gianna) and Scrooge (Katharine).
A party thrown by Fezziwig where Scrooge finds true love with Belle (Julie).
Ghost of Christmas Present (Andi) and Scrooge listening in on current events.
At home with the Cratchets.
Fred (Nolan), Scrooge's nephew.
Scary children. This is Ignorance (Sofia).
The Ghost of Christmas Future (Kate) and Scrooge.
Vultures sell Scrooges stuff. Andi, Emily and Walter in the foreground.
The Cratchet's morn the loss of Tiny Tim. Sara, Lindsay, Kevin and Zane in foreground.
More of the Cratchet's suffering.
Scrooge realizes that, maybe, he should change his life.
Scrooge pleads for redemption from Ghost of Christmas Future (Erica).
Scrooge awakens to a new day.
Emily and Julie.
The actors belt out "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" at the end of the show
Meet and greet with one of the audiences. Not the smiles from the audience.