Creative Forces

The Afternoon Balloon and Coffee Project

There are times we do things just to see what happens. The Afternoon Balloon & Coffee Project was one of those what if sessions.

The explosive questions of this day were:

"Can you make functional puppets from balloons?"


"What happens if you drink 4 one-liter press pots of double-strong coffee between 3 people in less than say three hours?"

By the Gods, we intended to find out and, in turn, found out more about ourselves than we wanted.

To screen right is a balloon version
of our popular Schnoz puppet.

Bill and Thing
Purple thing A tortoise.
For the Odyssey performance platform was the initial thought.

Behold the proto-hare.

We eventually gave the Odyssey thought up and didn't use the balloon animals. We used toys, narration, a box (to hold the toys) and object manipulation.

 Bill and Bunny
The FACE From puppets masks seemed to be the next area of discovery to move into.

But  nothing seemed correct.

Nothing leapt out at us....

Bill with BalloonTim with balloon
 Bill with mop

So, out came the wigs.

Not much came of that either. But if we ever do a production of Medea, we are ready.

 The ultimate verdict of the Afternoon Balloon & Coffee Project was that we drink entirely too much coffee and that a change in venue was required.

After reconvening at the local coffee house it was decided that another project with better documentation and less coffee was in order.

Tim dyes hair

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