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So, one bright sunny morning I was asked, "Would you do a puppet show for an installation I'm doing at an old building in town?"

"How long do I have until it goes up?", says I.

"Day after tomorrow.", says they.

"I'm on it.", and thus was born "small".

Abandoned bits of stuff that smelled of mushrooms and 100 year old lacquer. Several crank music-boxes, some bizarre props, and a puppet that I had since a trip to Japan but never found the show for.

The show was designed too be difficult to see. visible but not too visible; enticing the audience to go the extra 4 feet to open a slat and peek inside. Once they did the puppet did many things. Woke up with a snort then got back to work on his mysterious Project.

If there had been more theater related stuff going on, rather than photos, sculpture and paintings, this would have been a bit more accessible to the audience. I liked the idea and will use it again.

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