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The Artistic Director, Tim Giugni writes.

It is important to own your mistakes. The Hello Show was supposed to be the biggest thing since toast. But the dough never made it out of the oven and the show was retired after just two performances. But I still love it.

Why and why?

It was a breeze to put together. Assembly of all of the puppets took less than a week and they all looked great. Also I got to spend time with some of my favorite people. People I don't get to spend that much time with any more.

The puppets now adorn a living room in Portland, Oregon. The show was about making assumptions of the audience and all of the assuming was wrong. They didn't need cute. They didn't need to be told. They didn't need the narrative but they did need an interesting series of stories.

But we do learn from our mistakes. We learn how to do them differently the next time.

A break apart view of the moving pieces of the Boy puppet and an original production sketch.  boyBoy sketch

The Girl and the Monster.
The cute little girl would recite the "What are Little Girls Made Of?" poem and at the end turn around and become the Monster; the only big laugh of the show and that was because the parents were defensive, "That's not how I want my daughter... oh."

* Sigh *.

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