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 The Foam One

Here we have the only surviving anything of Mr. Foamy. Created in 1980. He stood about 7.5 feet (2.28 meters, 4.25 cubits) tall. He was also very, very, hot. Constructed entirely of polyfoam, he was like wearing a thermos and a portable steam room at the same time.

He could only be worn during the winter and when he got wet, well, add another 10 kilos (20 pounds, 5 stone or 101 quatloos) to the entire costume .

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Mr. Foamy was that he didn't walk. He wore skates and floated along the ground.

The coat was used as scrap in 1983. The hat was lost in 1989. The head lasted until 1992. Will Mr. Foamy rise from the ashes like some polyfoam phoenix? He was an interesting guy.

Mr. One was my first ever Chinese style hand puppet. The Chinese style allows the hand to move freely inside the glove, or body. Supposedly the Chinese puppets cannot pick up props as does its European cousin. The Chinese style puppet also has shoulders and symmetry that are sometimes missing in the European style.

Mr. One's last performance was in the "Hello Show", see what happened with that show on the next page.


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