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Servant of Two Masters

Recently I've been thinking about community, commitment and training. "Servant of Two Masters", brought all of these elements together by creating a long running / multi-county touring show that would give younger performers a chance to feel what it's like on the Road.

The Touring Road, not the book The Road. Because that would be depressing and you would lose a generation of performers.

In total 28 shows were performed in Sonoma, Napa, and Solano counties.

Many of the performers had never been in a run longer than 8 performances before.

Yes. There was complaining* but the show was a hoot.

Thanks to Darkroom Productions, Napa College and the countless 'others' that helped to make this show fly.

Well, drive from place to place...

* as well as: bitching, boredom, rashes and the end of Western Civilization.

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