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Q: How much do you cost?
A: The quick answer is- one person day trips are the least expensive. The long answer is that cost is based on: Our location at the time you want us and the size of the show. Also if the show is free to the public or if you have ticket sales. Between $250 and $1500. Ask about workshops.

Q: Can we get an estimate?
A: Yes you can. Just  email us or go to the contact section and use that phone thing: tell us your location, venue size and the date that you would like us to bring our unique brand of fun to your area. You can also look at the complex mathematical hyper-equation that use to compute, em stuff

Q: Where do you guys come up with your ideas?
A: Workshops, reading children's stories, comic books and particle physics. Sometimes from talking, drawing or sculpting. Playing at the dinner table. Listening to other people. We have workshops on our working style for both the general public and businesses. Did I mention that coffee was big on our list? Lots of coffee.

Q: Workshops?
A: Yes, go here.

Q: Do you have internships?
A: Really - no, but that will change when we return to Portland. However, if you presently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we could always use a hand. You should write us .

Q: Is your show black and white or color?
A: I knew what the kid was asking. "Waiting for a Train" is black and white. Why? Silent film is black and white. The show is like a silent film. Smart kid, I see him in math or theatre in the next 10 years.

Q: Birthday parties?
A: Not really, however sometimes. If Tim likes you and he's not being a grumpy, McGrumpster head. They start at $210.

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Email is the best way to get to us. Just click the email hyperlink and watch the internet magic.

Phone is good, 503/975.5966

More contact options available in contact.

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