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Hey did you know that you should book us now, while we're still cheap?

Q: How much do you cost?
A: The quick answer is-- one person day trips are the least expensive. The long answer is that cost is based on several things but these are the greatest variables.
1. Distance and location (from us to you) at the time you want us.
2. Number of people in the show.
3. Block booking and other wheeling and dealings.
4. How long you want us. Workshops. Weeks, days or hours.
5. Are you a school, community group, library or venue. If you are a venue, what is your size and projected ticket cost.

Q: Eh, hem. You still haven't told me how much you cost.
A: Base cost for a 'local' single performance of a single person show usually starts at $500 for a venue or school. Less for libraries and we even do birthday parties but only if you are really nice. Really nicely. We do carry a list of chilren's performers if you need help finding some one.

Q: Wow, that's not much for such high quality work. Can I get an estimate?
A: Yes you can. Simply email and tell us your location, venue size and the date that you would like us to bring our unique brand of fun to your area.

Q: Do you give discounts for block bookings?
A: Yes. Block bookings start at 5 performances in a 7 day time period.

Q: Cual es block booking?
A: It's a nifty way that keeps us in an area and reduces our carbon footprint and per show price.

Q: What language was that?
A: No idea...

Q: Where are you located?
The company was based in beautiful St. Helena, California (the
blue dot) in the heart of the Napa Valley wine country, however we returned to Portland, Oregon in 2014. We tour the United States and internationally (mostly not pictured).

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Email: info at teatrocalamari dot com

Phone: 503.  975.  5966

Skype: teatrocalamari

Mail: send a request via above email.

We do not direct mail. You will not be added to our mailing list, because we don't have one. Come on, 21st century.

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