Logos, logos, every where.

Is once again in Portland, (not dotted) Oregon. Saint Helena, California is the old blue dot. 

Shows start at $300, for solo performer and have been known to go as high as $6000 for a full week of performance and workshops with the three person cast of "Waiting for a Train". That was in Montana. Ah, Montana.

We tour the United States and internationally (not pictured except for Cuba and Mexico, because erasing them seemed wrong. Canada is in purple cause we've been there and want to go back and it's not a state so I couldn't use any of the other colors.).

States in red we go to often. (Look at poor Salina, Kansas all by it's self.)

Yellow states are too chicken to have us (prove me wrong, Utah!) but we want to go there and we have great discounts to prove it. Hey, school shows and workshops make a lovely gift.

Pale Blue is water, because it seems wrong not to have blue for water.

The green colored states we've been to and would like to go again.

We have a complex color-coded map if... oh, never mind.

Book us now, while we're still cheap.

Email: info at teatrocalamari dot com and send us an email.

Phone: 503/975.5966 

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