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"Parties are extra-fun with Calamari..." Napa, California

People used to ask us, "You are so good and kind (and wise), why don't y'all do birthday parties?"


Um, we do parties for all ages. We didn't always advertise them, ah hem. Ooops. So, birthdays. You want them. We do them and here's the map that proves it.
neato map


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What do you cost?
The average is $250, but we are having a Play With Your Food promotion (Get it? Calamari. Food. Ha.) EXTENED until February 2013 .

A shockingly low..
$200 for a birthday show of your choice when you book TWO weeks in advance.

Hey, times are tough and sometimes we can work out a barter. Just don't tell my tax guy.

What shows can I choose for my little nipper?

Well, what size of space do you have?

You can choose from "Three Pigs" or "Plumkin Tells a Story" (wee-tiny).

"The Big Pumpkin" or "Hansel and Gretel" (biggish).

"Three Billy Goats Gruff" or "Rapunzel" (12' x 4' x 10' minimum).

Go to the performance page for descriptions of the shows.

Shows can be outside or inside.

Customized and adult shows are also available.

Technically, larger shows can be made smaller however the small ones cannot be made larger. Go figure.

Mystery of the Circles explained.

No charge for fuel within the Red circle.

Charge for fuel in the Blue circle.

You get to pay for parking if parking must be paid.

Technically the circles do go out into the ocean, but I get sea sick.

"That was my favoritest birthday - ever." Teresa, age 30, Vancouver, Washington

So, you are now ready to give us a call or email.
Remember to tell us where you are, when you would like the show and the age of the kid or kid at heart.

Email: Click here and send us an email.

Phone: 707.963.8259 (p0p yo ducky or s0 symducky)

"You guys are great! I don't know who laughed more. The kids or the adults." Portland, Oregon.






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