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The Why of the Company

These things we know are true:

Theater will be the most immersive "new" tech of the 21st century.

It just doesn't know it yet.

We know theater is a diverse and creative media. It just fell asleep and is fitfully dreaming of countless Summer Shakespeare plays happening around the US.


Find and re-mix information, disciplines and styles from diverse fields and use it for fuel for our theatrical works.

No Secrets:
Our actors do not hide. The show is done when the last guest leaves.

We encourage people to take a tour of the stage. Come to a rehearsal. Ask questions of the performers.

This interaction enriches us all.

There should be more in our lives. It is our goal to build a bridge between the adult that you are, and the child that you were and give them a place to meet.

Theater is "3-D" with out the stupid glasses.

You must educate the audience in theater's rich words every chance you get or we all forget how to 'speak' it.

Founded in 1995 as an international touring company by Emmy award winning puppeteer Tim Giugni, Il Teatro Calamari pursues theatrical excellence on the stage with productions that weave puppetry, mask and physical theater into whimsical and innovative theatre experiences for the entire family





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