Happy Tim
The Brothers Grimm masterpiece now a puppet show for the BIG stage or the great outdoors. The puppets, stage, and performer (well, maybe not the performer) are all made from objects found from around the house. Brooms become, handsome princes. Mops transform into the wickedest of witches and bathroom plungers save the day. A sweepingly unconventional puppet show that plunges in where other are afraid to go!

Details, details:

Length: 30 minutes
Found object puppetry & Clown.
Solo performer.
Audience size: 50-1000
Playing area: 10 X 10 X 15

Audiences comments:

"I don't know who laughed more. Me or my son."-- Portland, OR.

"I really enjoyed being on stage with you." -COPIA, Center for Food, Wine and the Arts, Napa, California.

"My kid saw your show last month... he hasn't stopped playing with the brooms since then and now he likes to sweep the house. Can you make a show about eating peas?", A happy mom in Napa, California. No pea show forthcoming, however.

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