Emily Alexander and a Nose.

Take a cornucopia of puppetry, mask and physical comedy, whirl it together. Sprinkle on events from everyday life and add some highly unusual twists and turns and you have up to 70 minutes of fun for every one!

Some highlights from the show:

The Tortoise and the Hare- An update of the classic story told with unusual objects.
Laundry Daze- It's not a good day in the laundry room. A dryer rack refuse to dry clothes. A sword fight breaks out, but who will win?
Happy Trails- An audience sing-a-long with the charming Schnozzes.
Pillows- Tired of being punched, pounded and thrown across the room the pillows take command- if they can just get out of the bed.

Details, details:

Performance time is flexible and mixable from 30-70 minutes. Hook shows can be done in schools.
Some English with music. Languages can be added with prior notice.
Multiple puppetry styles and mask.
Two performers
Audience size: 50-750
Minimum playing area: 10 X 10 X 15
Price quote and contact information here.

Audiences comments:

"...a family oriented show that is both fascinating and entertaining. You'll fall in love with the Schnozzes."-- The Columbian. Vancouver, Washington.

"Can I take you guys home with us?", An obviously high-quality fan in Napa, California.

Steve with a puppet!
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