Three Billy Goats Gruff
Tim hides behind goat
In this fast-paced show the audience is king (or queen). They get to choose just how scary they want the Troll to be, help or not help the goats on their quest to reach the other side of the bridge and chant along with the Troll as he does his Troll things. What are Troll things? You will see in this, a near-classic retelling of this beloved children's story that children and adults can participate in and laugh with together.

Details, details:

Length: 40 minutes
Modified rod puppetry.
Audience size: 50-750
Playing area: 10 X 10 X 15 or larger.

Reviewer's comment:

"Parents, do your kids a favor: drag them away from the tube... to exercise their imaginations. You might have as much fun as the kids. And you will give your children a memorable experience."

Michael Waterson

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Audiences comments:

"Why is the troll Italian? 'Jump into my mouth!' has become our phrase of the hour...Fabulous goat puppets. The springy tails and glass eyes were especially cool.We wanted to ask you to sing, but thought that might be asking too much." J. Rolls, Napa Valley and that troll isn't Italian, he's Eastern Eurpean. I'll work on posting a song- sometime later.

"[The] one goat was too small and then the big one came and knocked the troll out and took his money". Some one who wasn't paying attention to the end of the show, Juan de Fuca Festival, Port Angeles, Washington

"Waaaarrr!", when asked what was your favorite character. St. Helena, California. I assume it was the troll.

"I said he was behind you", after the Biggest Goat knocked the Troll off the set.

Rachel with a goat!
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