The 3 Billy Goats Gruff


Charming Rachel Still Charming Emily who is Charming
This is an early promotional shot of the show with the charming Rachel. Another shot of Rachel, but with fewer goats. A side note, this was the last time that we used film, we now do all are shoots digitally. This is the first PR photo with the digital camera.

Goat nose Tim with facial hair Goats in Space?
Tim performing the show in of St. Helena, California. An excellent shot of Tim with the midsized goat. Note the stylish goatee on Tim. This shot seems to say that the goat is going into space. Let me assure you that no goats, or ogres are harmed in the show. Once again in St. Helena.

Scaring the children Promotional Pic. Goat in Library
Ah, the crowd. Thanks to Larry for taking the photos in St. Helena. One of the few PR shots with just Tim. A show at the Central Library in Portland, Oregon. Photo courtesy of the library.

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